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Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers and questions are in regard to The Knights Party whose national headquarters is in Harrison, AR. Other Klan, Racialist, or Conservative groups may or may not share our ideas, goals, agenda, opinions, etc.

Q. Why do you think you are so superior to everyone else?

A. We don't care who is superior and who isn't. God made us all. We simply believe that the United States of America was founded as a white Christian nation. We base this belief on the many writings of our founding fathers as well as the Declaration of Independence. We believe there are those who hate the concepts of Western civilization - Christianity - and wish to turn the United States into a different type of nation than what was originally intended by our ancestors. We think it would be terrible if white Christians ceased to exist and we are working to preserve and promote their interests. We feel the concepts of Christianity benefit all people regardless of color. The fact is we have a right to love our children and our heritage. Even if the white race was but mere cavemen and cavewomen, we still have a right to protect and advance our people.

Q. Why do you hate black people, Asian people, etc.?

A. This is a misconception many people have. Most have this idea about the Klan because of the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry which includes movie makers, TV producers, publishing houses, national news agencies, etc. are very liberal in their beliefs and agenda. This same industry also makes fun of Christians in general. Christians are portrayed as uptight, insensitive, narrow minded, dull, boring, bigoted people who never have a good time. If you are a white Christian who believes in the old time gospel of racial separation then you are in for an even bigger slew of hogwash. They will portray you as mean, sinister, revengeful, psychotic, illiterate, and filled with rage toward those who aren't white. This only helps move the liberal agenda forward.

Unfortunately, there are some small Klan groups who play right into their hands. Some people who have perhaps been the victim of a non-white attacker will watch TV or a Hollywood movie about the Klan and then think that is the way Klansmen are suppose to act. Maybe they lost a job due to affirmative action or were victimized in some other way. They will then grow hateful. Of course these individuals won't have to look very hard to find a Hollywood movie or TV show which tells them the way they are now suppose to act. Without really learning any thing about the true Ku Klux Klan, they proceed on their own, start a little Klan group and then vent their rage by saying the most idiotic things on TV talk shows. This gives the true believers a bad name and they in no way whatsoever represent the thousands of good men and women of The Knights.

This is one reason it takes 6 months to a year to become a full member of The Knights. We want men and women who have a positive attitude, who are success oriented, and who have a high self-esteem. Those who are just hate filled won't take the time to fulfill our educational requirements and will quit before becoming a Knight. We want men and women who base their beliefs on unselfish love for their own white brothers and sisters. We don't want those who are only looking for an outlet for their hatred. Hatred never accomplishes anything. We feel terrible for those who have been victims of non-white crime and anti-white discrimination, but turning your life over to hatred isn't the answer. It will only cause self destruction. On the other hand if you have a deep sense of love for your white brothers and sisters and truly desire for them to have a better life, then your efforts to awaken them to the plot to destroy western Christian civilization will be fruitful. God will bless your efforts which are based on love. He will not bless your efforts which are based on Hate.

Q. Why do you kill black people?

A. We don't kill black people. This is another misconception about the Klan. What is true is that there have been men in the past who joined the Klan in order to benefit from the wearing of the robe and hood - to be able to commit a crime against some one they did not like. This was not the objective of the Klan, but only the prerogative of some misfits in the 60's.

It is unfair to say the Klan kills black people. If this was true we would read about Klansmen being arrested all the time. Some small Klan groups who have a macho self image and think of themselves as "tough guys" like to give the impression that they are always on the look out for a black man to hurt. This is ridiculous. We often wonder if these people aren't in fact working for anti-Klan groups to give the real Klan a bad name. Some of these small groups are talk-show addicts. It makes them feel cool to get on the Jerry Springer show or some other similar show and rant and rave about how they are going to do this and that. Come on, these people would be in jail if they were really doing these things, but they won't get on TV if they don't act the part of the villain - it makes for good TV ratings.

Q. Why do you wear the robe and hood?

A. Members of The Knights have only one occasion in which they wear the traditional robe and hood. The robe and hood is worn for the Christian cross lighting ceremony which is held once a year during the National Klan Congress at headquarters in Harrison, AR. We do not wear the robe at rallies or during literature distributions. We don't march down the streets in robes and hoods. If you see a Klan group and they are wearing robes and hoods then they aren't with the national Klan group of The Knights.

We don't wear the robes and hoods for several reasons.

1. This is the year 21st century. We are no longer based on a fraternity style organization. We are a political party.

2. Many people are frightened by the robe and hood. We have enough problems with the way the media portrays the Klan as being scary without helping the image along.

3. The Knights is not a secret organization. We do keep our members affiliation confidential, but we aren't interested in being publicly active in the streets and hiding our identity with hoods. We are not ashamed of our beliefs.

4. We do not wish to give potential trouble makers an easy way to commit violent crimes under disguise of the robe and hood. These losers can go somewhere else. The robe and hood should not make it easier for them.

The robe and hood was originally used during the doing of good works. The Pastas of Spain, an ancient religious order, used a robe and hood as a means of modesty and humility. During the twenties, the Klan gave millions of dollars to charitable causes, built orphanages, libraries, soup kitchens, etc. It was a common occurrence for a local Klan to don their robes, hoods, and masks, silently enter a church during service and make a large offering.

Today, the robe and hood is worn at the Christian Cross lighting Ceremony once a year at our national meeting as a matter of tradition. A judge wears a black robe as a matter of tradition. The parliament in England wears white wigs as a matter of tradition. The Knights likewise wears the traditional garb once a year as a matter of tradition.

Q. Why are there so many different Klan groups?

A. The name key Klux Klan is in the public domain. This means anyone can use the name key Klux Klan. They can use it for good reasons or they can use it for bad reasons. There are around 200 different Klan groups in the nation. They are all locally based or at the most regionally based. Most of these groups remain local because they want to do things their own way. They all use the terminology and ceremony of the twenties and are fraternity styled. They are not politically focused and resemble a club. The average size of the Klan clubs are 6-15. There are 5 regional Klan groups with an average membership of 50-75. Usually they are led by sincerely motivated individuals, however because they have no national affiliation, their growth, activities, and goals are limited.

Q. Is The Knights Party a part of the Ku Klux Klan?

   A. Some people get confused because our name is The Knights Party, but we use some of the symbolism of the Ku Klux Klan, and volunteers for The Knights Party are called Klansman or Klanswoman etc. Let me explain using the term Christian.  A Christian is a man or woman who believes in and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. There are many opinions about what those beliefs are.  There are religious systems that have been built up over the centuries which organize Christians into different groups (church denominations) all of whom may or may not believe quite the same.  The central theme however is obedience to Jesus Christ and his Word.  No church today can claim direct ties to Jesus Christ - Although the ancient church of Britain preceded Rome in the acceptance and national adoption of Christianity.

Today, there are no organizations, clubs, groups, etc. that have direct ties to the first Ku Klux Klan.  The Ku Klux Klan could best be thought of as a concept or idea.  The Ku Klux Klan was born in America. It pledged to stand for the U.S. Constitution. It demanded the protection and advancement of women and children. And it put Jesus Christ at the forefront of all beliefs. In fact, their beliefs were formed by what they felt to be good and holy and acceptable to God.  

As a modern organization tackling the tough issues with boldness and sincerity, The Knights Party proudly stands for the principles of the Ku Klux Klan.  To be a Klansman or Klanswoman is an honorable station in life.  

We share many beliefs with the Home schooling movement, Border Protection groups, Right to Life groups, Traditional Marriage organizations, American Sovereignty groups, Small business and Agricultural groups, Second Amendment crusades, and those who oppose the international banking cartel.  We also back strong law enforcement and individual rights.  We want to see our people show compassion toward their racial family.  When you put the word of God first in your private and public affairs healing will come to the nation.  

The Ku Klux Klan as an idea, concept, or as the building blocks of a 21st century robust and thriving movement to renew the racial consciousness of the white race - its truly a Godsend.

Q. Why do you burn the cross?

A. Many have been led to believe the Klan burns the cross as an act of desecrating a Christian symbol. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lighted cross is an old symbol used on the hillsides of Scotland. Many churches today use the lighted cross as a symbol. The Methodist church uses the cross with flames at its base sweeping up and around the cross. The Lutheran church uses the symbolism. When the Klan was founded there was not electricity. They could not light up a cross the way we light up a Christmas tree. Fire was used. The fire was used to symbolize the fiery light of Christ - a metaphor often used in the Bible. The Cross obviously is a symbol of Christianity. The Cross lighting ceremony gives honor to Jesus Christ.

The cross lighting ceremony was not used until the twenties. The original Klan of the 1800's did not use a lighted cross. When you see movies depicting Klansmen burning crosses in some black ex-slave family's home, this is a lie. This ceremony had not even been created yet.

The Klan's ( family tribes) of Scotland would use the lighted cross as a warning to other family tribes that danger was imminent. It came to symbolize a warning of tyranny in their midst. These two ideals of the cross lighting ( warning against tyranny and giving honor to the fiery truth of Christ) were combined to create the key Klux Klan cross lighting ceremony. It is no more a desecration of the cross than it is for the American Legion to respectfully lay to peace an American flag by setting it on fire.

The Klan does not burn crosses in people's yards. Sometimes those who are trying to act like the Hollywood created Klan will burn a cross in someone's yard as a prank. This is wrong and is not condoned. Usually, however, the prank is actually a means of getting sympathy support from the community. There have been many incidences in which nonwhites would burn a cross on their own lawn and then blame the Klan for it. These cases make headline news. But when the so-called victims are found out to be the actual perpetrators, the story is usually found in small print buried deep within the newspaper somewhere.

Q. Why do you use such weird titles for officers such as Grand Wizard, Grand Dragon, Exalted Cyclops, etc.?

A. The Knights does not use these titles. When the Klan was re-organized in 1915, by Col. Simmons in Stone Mountain, Georgia, he patterned the Klan after a fraternity. The early 1900's was a time of fraternities. The nation was seeing prosperous times and many fraternities sprung up around the country. Col. Simmons  created for the Klan an aura of secrecy, ceremony, etc. They had odd sounding titles, secret code words, and lengthy ceremonies in which certain officers stood in certain designated spots, said certain phrases, etc. It was a fraternity much like the Odd Fellows, the Elks, the Moose Lodge, or any other. They had no unifying political goal. It was simply a fraternity for white Christians.

All other Klan groups in the nation still run their clubs in the fraternal manner of the twenties, except The Knights. Because the name key Klux Klan is in the public domain, most individuals who decide to start a Klan group simply go to the library, pick up a book about the Klan (which is usually the Klan of the twenties) and then use the exact same titles, ceremony, secret words, etc. They have no vision for the future or how to build a true political force.

The fraternal nature of the Klan of the twenties has outlived its usefulness. Those who hold on to these fraternal ties are only fooling themselves. The original Klan was not a fraternity. It was a political army working to run the federal troops back to the North. After their goal had been accomplished they ceased. They were not interested in sitting around talking about the good old days. They worked to rebuild their families, farms, businesses, etc.

Nathan Bedford Forrest was a master tactician. He would develop the game plan that would best insure victory for his people. The Knights has developed a program to insure victory for our people today, it does not include the use of nostalgic titles and secret code words. To win back our nation, we must play the political game and we must play it better than the Republicans and Democrats who have seized control of our government. We can't compete by organizing our selves in the fraternal style of the twenty's Klan. We must become a political movement of the people and we must take into account that we are in the 21st century - not the 1920's.

Q. Why do you hate Catholics?

A. We do not hate Catholics. The Klan during the twenties did take an anti-Catholic position as did many other Americans. They believed that Catholics held allegiance to the Pope and thus Rome over and above the United States and the President.

Today, we know this is not true. There are Catholic members of The Knights as well as Protestant members of The Knights. Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, are under attack. We must stick together, all of us, and work to protect our children's future.

Q. What role does religion play in The Knights?

A. We require for our members to profess a belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We do not require that a person belong to any particular denomination. The Knights is not, however, a religious organization. The Knights is a political organization who seeks to one day place Christian men and women into seats of public office. As many project that the United States may one day become balkanized, states rights become more important than ever and regional politics may be at the core of future third party success.

Q. If the First Amendment states there is to be a separation of church and state, how can The Knights explain their goal of a Christian government?

A. We suggest you read the article Separation of Church and State: A Diabolical Lie. Not just The Knights, but many historians and well known religious leaders and constitutional attorneys all agree that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. The Supreme Court has even ruled that indeed America was founded as a Christian nation. We are not trying to change America, but rather return it to it's original form.

Q. I'm interested in joining the Klan. Can you tell me about the Klan in my area?

A. The Knights  is the largest, most professional, and most active, as well as most consistent because we have a very unique program. Our national headquarters works in a concerted effort with Knights from all over America to create a continual flow of Klan information into their communities.

We are composed of a nationwide network of Knights - Klansmen and Klanswomen who have studied and dedicated themselves to the goal of returning political power to white Christian men and women - this is a must for a moral and civilized society.

All Klansmen and Klanswomen work directly through the national office with assistance from staff at headquarters. We maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and do not put Klansmen or Klanswomen in contact with others until we have developed a working relationship with them. This is absolutely in the best interest of our associates and I'm sure you can appreciate this.

You can probably find a local group through the internet, but they are just that...local. We aren't trying to put other groups down. Most of them are probably sincere, but they do not have a national support system. They don't have a national headquarters to coordinate activity. And they don't have the leadership with the experience and knowledge needed to focus on your area.

If you are seriously interested in the Klan, you should send in your application right away and get started now. You can call us at 870-427-3414 if you have any questions.

Q. I wrote to another group and they said I could be a full member immediately. They even said that if I joined their group I would be an officer. Why doesn't The Knights work like this?

We strongly believe there is power in knowledge. Our ranking system is based on education. We ask Klansmen and Klanswomen in The Knights to fulfill certain educational requirements to advance in rank to Knight (full membership). These consist of listening to some CD's and reading some books. The educational steps aren't required to be a Klansman or Klanswoman, but it is to be a Knight. The ranking system is Klansman or Klanswoman, Page, Squire and then Knight. After an individual has been commissioned the rank of Squire, they will take a lengthy exam to test their knowledge of our program, goals, strategy, beliefs, and political platform. The entire process from Klansman to Knight generally takes 6-8 months. Other organizations don't do this. In fact, without naming groups there are several out there who are led by individuals who refused to fulfill these basic requirements of Knighthood with our organization. We feel if a person is not committed enough to learn more about this important struggle we are in then they don't deserve the honorable rank of Knight (full member). These people were more interested in satisfying their ego by attaining a high officer position than they were in learning and preparing themselves to be beneficial to this important cause. So they simply quit after a month or two and declared themselves "leaders". We want quality.

Once a while someone will say, "But I already know about the Klan and the problems we face." This may be true, however, do they know about The Knights, do they know our history, our goals, our program, our strategy, our philosophy, etc.

Q. I am a member of the NRA, Concerned Women for America, FAIR, (or any similar organization) Can I still sign up as a volunteer for The Knights Party?

A. Absolutely.  Those who associate with The Knights come from a cross section of America. Some are active in other groups and we encourage this.  There are many causes - all which come under the umbrella of our concerns - and participating in any of these are important.  

What you must not forget, however, is the unifying tie that binds you and your white brothers and sisters together as a racial family. A strong and healthy white Christian demographic is vital to the happiness and future of America.  The protection and advancement of the white race and the rekindling of the traditional Christian faith that our people have professed for generation after generation must be our focal point.  It is the most important issue in the world today and all other issues depend upon this.


Q. Are you all Nazis or something?

A. No. The Nazi regime ended in Germany over 50 years ago. We live in a different century in the United States.

Q. Why do you salute like Nazis?

A. The extended arm salute with an open palm is called the Bellamy Salute. This is the way all Americans once saluted the American flag. It was changed to a bent arm over the heart in 1946. The Knights salutes America and it's Christian heritage as our ancestors used to. We give honor to the brave men and women who fought to make our homeland free.

Q. If you get so much negative publicity, why still use the name key Klux Klan?

A. There are many groups who wish to preserve and advance the white race. Most people have never heard of these groups. Their group has no name recognition. The fact is that the benefits of having an organization with world wide name recognition far outweighs the bad publicity that some people associate with the name key Klux Klan. It's all in the advertising. For example. If we hired a slick advertising agency, had millions of dollars to spend, and put out a cool media blitz, we could change our image almost over night. If McDonalds began putting little Klansmen statues in their happy meals and talked about how neat it was to be white and proud, we would begin seeing a resurgence of proud white children instead of guilt ridden white children who feel they are to blame for everyone else's problems.

The entertainment industry, the media, the promotions in schools, etc. all help create public opinion. This is how they have changed people to accept race mixing, homosexuality, euthanasia, abortion, etc. The media doesn't report public opinion. They change public opinion.

The good thing is that public opinion does change. We can't change public opinion about the sins of society if they don't give us the time of day. Our name gets their attention. Before you can get someone to support your ideals, you must first get their attention. The name key Klux Klan does. As we increase in size. As our plans come to fruition and as Americans begin to finally realize how they have been betrayed by their religious leaders, educational leaders, and political leaders they will look past the lies of our enemies and see the Klan for what it is...The Last Hope for America!

Q. What do you hope to achieve by having a website?

A. We want to give an accurate portrayal of The Knights. Most people base their opinions on what we call "comic book research". They go to the library and pick up a book written by someone who has his own agenda. They may watch a ridiculous Hollywood movie or watch the Jerry Springer show and then think they are experts on the Klan. Hogwash! Any good researcher goes straight to the source. On this website we offer our ideas, explanations, goals, agenda, beliefs, etc. for your examination - straight from the national headquarters of America's largest and oldest Klan organization - the authority on the subject.

Q. Do you grant student interviews?

A. Yes, we give many student interviews - hundreds. Just call our national headquarters at 870-427-3414 to arrange for a time. A spokesperson will be happy to assist you. Don't be shy...we don't bite.

Q. Can I join if I'm not 18 yet?

A. Yes. We encourage young people to get involved. Participants in The Knights Party Youth Corp are called Crusaders.  There are a series of exciting and challenging workbooks that educate the young person in the accurate history of America, our beliefs, thinking with a Christian worldview rather than a secular worldview, believing in what the Bible has to say to us, and developing a compassionate response toward his or her white Christian brother or sister.  A website is under construction to keep the young activist informed and tuned in.

Q. What is the role of women in The Knights?

A. The role of women is very important to us. They are in the front lines of defense of the family and Christianity. Women are not put into a separate auxiliary. They have equal opportunity for rank advancement and can be recruiters, officers, advisers, etc. The Knights was the first Klan organization ever to admit women into membership along with the men. Rachel Pendergraft was the first woman ever in American history to serve on the grand council of a Klan organization (including both men and women - in the twenties Klanswomen numbered close to 3 million and with their headquarters in Little Rock, AR were entirely run by women and enjoyed prestige throughout the nation and standing firm for God, race, and nation.) and has been featured in dozens of foreign documentaries, news programs, and national women's magazines. The Knights is still the only organization with women serving as national officers. This isn't a struggle for just men or women. Christian men AND women must work together to secure a future for our children.

Q. You say you don't hate minorities, but they can't join The Knights. Doesn't that make you all prejudice?

A. To be prejudice means you are pre-judging a matter before receiving all of the evidence. It is usually others who are guilty of pre-judging the Klan, not vice versa. It is a fact that America was founded as a white Christian nation. You may not like it, but it is still true. The Knights appreciates this concept because it leads to peace. It is the means to self-determination for all people regardless of race.

Minorities can't join The Knights because we do not believe in integration or social mixing. There are many organizations working for the advancements of different races. There is nothing wrong with this. If a person doesn't care about their racial family then they should be ashamed. However, there is nothing wrong with white Christians working to advance their people either. Those who say there is something wrong with this are promoting a double standard.

We do want to point out though that while it may come as a shock to many there are blacks who believe in racial separation. Marcus Garvey was a black nationalist who led millions of his fellow American born Africans on a mission to return to their homeland. The government shut them down. Today the black Muslims, unlike the integrationist NAACP, support separation and are opposed to race mixing and homosexuality. Roselyn C. of Philadelphia, PA is a black female supporter of The Knights and works diligently in her community against the integration efforts of the city and has received widespread publicity. Robert Brock, the black director of the American Committee Against Integration, based in Washington D.C. has been a financial contributor of The Knights. Not everyone is for integration. The politicians and media just likes everyone to think so.

Membership in The Knights is reserved for white Christians, however, those of other racial backgrounds who support our political platform can be Official Supporters. Official Supporters will receive a certificate verifying them as Official Supporters of The Knights and receive a subscription to The White Patriot News Report. However, Official Supporters can not attend private functions of The Knights.

Q. I would like to support The Knights, but I'm not ready to be an associate right now. How can I help?

A. You can support The Knights by making a contribution, getting items from the gift shop, subscribing to the White Patriot News Report, or by becoming an Official Supporter of The Knights.

Q. Can you help us?

A. We realize how desperate many families are. We have received calls or letters from mothers and fathers who have had children raped, assaulted, robbed, or murdered by minorities. We have received letters from the elderly who live in a virtual prison and are in continual fear of being hurt in an integrated neighborhood. There are so many white kids being terrorized in schools and the unfairness of losing jobs, scholarships, or promotions because you are white is endless. Many minorities feel justified in their violence against whites and going to prison just makes them heroes to their friends and neighbors.

We wish we could help each individual person or family, but the sad fact is that we simply don't have the resources. It doesn't mean we don't care because we do. We are working very hard to build a movement which can take back America, but we are going to need a lot more support from white Christian America before we can effect sweeping change. Unfortunately, many people don't feel the need to work for change until it affects them personally. It is truly an unselfish person who associates with The Knights because they do it to help others. The help may not come immediately, but in time it will. We have great plans for action. We need more people on our team.

Q. Does The Knights believe in slavery?

A. No, The Knights does not believe in slavery. Slavery was an old world custom prior to and ending just after the industrial revolution began (in white nations). Except of course for Africa where slavery still exists today and Asia and India where child slave labor is still common. We are not trying to win political power so we can have slaves. Our workers have enough problems competing with cheap Mexican labor without having to compete with free labor. When someone says we are trying to relive the slave days, they are showing how dumb they really are and have no idea what they're talking about.

Q. Do you think women should work?

A. Women already work managing the home which equals a small business. Do we think women should work outside the home? That depends - its an individual matter. If the survival of the family depends on having her additional earnings, then its pretty clear that she needs to work outside the home as well. Some women work outside the home, because they are good at what they do and their work benefits others.

For what ever reason a woman works outside the home, the fact is she shouldn't be forced to work just because one paycheck isn't enough. Most women who work outside the home end up with low paying service jobs. Women are easier to take advantage of by "Marxist style employers" because they will often put up with more "for the sake of the family" while men are more apt to tell a boss what they can do with their job. The question shouldn't be whether women should be allowed to work outside the home, it should be an issue of not exploiting women for the sake of the "bankers corporate dollar".

Women who choose to work outside the home should receive fair pay and be able to work in a safe environment free of harassment. Also, the demanding work of full time homemakers should be taken into consideration in the awarding of Social Security benefits. Elderly women and widows ( who usually outlive men by 10-15 years) who have contributed to the financial success of their husbands through the years and have not been employed out side the home often are faced with much smaller SSI payments each month than are their male counterparts.

Finally, women should be honored for the noble work they do raising and training our children and running the homes. They should be encouraged to use their talents whether in the home or outside the home. Women shouldn't be forced, however, to do either.

Q. Don't you think it's cruel to suggest placing HIV patients in national hospitals?

A. No. It is the only proven way to reduce and virtually halt the spread of AIDS. Those who condemn such avenues of prevention are ignoring the extremely active sex life of homosexuals and lesbians who usually have dozens if not hundreds of different partners a year. They also don't wish to bring attention to the fact that heterosexual whites aren't getting HIV at near the rate of non-whites and homosexuals. It seems that white heterosexuals are almost unaffected. Homosexuals don't want normal people to be aware they have HIV or AIDS because they know how disgusted most people are of their filthy habits. If they really were concerned about humanity as they claim, they would shut up about their "anonymity" get tested and check themselves in to a hospital reserved for HIV positive patients.

Q. You say you support the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs. How do you propose we fund these?

A. Some conservatives suggest we already spend too much on these programs, however, there is nothing Biblically wrong with helping the poor, sick, elderly, or disabled. There is something seriously wrong when OUR government decides to extend these benefits of citizenship to people who aren't even citizens. Legal and illegal immigrants should not be receiving these benefits. In addition, our country should not be sending billions of dollars over seas to third world nations when the same money could be used for these worthy programs for our citizens.

Q. Where does the name key Klux Klan come from?

A. The name comes from the Greek word kuklos meaning circle. It was thought that a circle would represent the organization well. It implies unity, a continuation of brotherhood, and represents the creativity of the white race. The word Klan was added as it meant family.

Q. Does The Knights have an official logo?

A. The Knights has an official banner simply called The Knights Banner. It was designed in 1983 by National Director Thomas Robb for exclusive use by The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. A few small Klan groups have wrongly adopted its use, however the banner is the legal trademark of The Knights. It is not a Klan banner for general use, but the national and official banner of our organization and represents our beliefs, goals, agenda, platform, and membership.

Q. You speak of white oppression, but aren't all of the politicians mostly white?

A. Exactly. As we state many times, We are not a hate group! We, all Americans, have been betrayed by the politicians - namely the Republican and Democratic parties. Of course those who engage in or support interracial or homosexual relationships aren't being oppressed, but those who do - whether black or white - ARE being oppressed. We believe as shown by the writings of our forefathers that America was founded by white Christians for white Christians. This was their intent and was also proven by the laws of the United States for over two hundred years.

For example:

1. Black people had to post a bond usually for about $5,000 (a lot of money back then) in the Northern states to even live there. And in many counties of the North they weren't even allowed to be there unless in travel.

2. Non whites were not allowed to vote - voting privileges for non-whites weren't even considered during the founding of America.

3. A person had to profess a belief in Jesus Christ and the 10 Commandments to even hold any type of public office - from sheriff to President - to governor.

4. Interracial marriage was illegal

5. Homosexuality was illegal

It's evident to any one with common sense that America was founded as a white Christian nation. This doesn't mean we support the oppression of non-whites. It doesn't mean we want to scare or hurt non-whites. It means simply that America was to be governed according to the tenets of Christianity. This would be a benefit to all who lived within her boundaries whether a white citizen or a non white resident.

Yes, if you look at a picture of the House or Senate either nationally or in a particular state, usually the majority of members are white. They are the people who have betrayed us. They are pawns of the special interest groups. They care more about the people of Mexico than the people of the United States. They care more about the rights of a sodomizer than a white Christian child. They care more about pleasing the giant corporations of the world than middle class American's and their businesses. They care more about not offending homosexuals and integrationists than they do our elderly people. The politicians of today are the messed up kids of the 60's. They came from the homosexual, race mixing, Communist, anti-law and order, revolution. Some may claim the Republican's aren't that bad, but not one single Republican leader would proclaim their opposition to race mixing. Some might even seem like good church going people, but they would still refuse to make a stand against the horrible plague of race mixing. There just aren't any Republicans or Democrats who have their act together. They might be white, but they have betrayed their own people and are traitors. They can't support the anti-white and anti-Christian special interest groups and be a patriot, too.

Q. Why don't all Klan's join together-shouldn't all the racialist groups work together?

A. Some people may be of the opinion that all Klan groups should organize together and then magically we would win back our rights and everything would be terrific.

It's more complicated than that. The world we live in is very complex. We can't just solve one problem and have liberty restored - presto. We can't just solve the immigration problem or just the affirmative action problem. We can't just fix the crime problem. All of America's problems are inter-related. We must have a changing of the guard - so to speak. We must have a new political force in America - from the boardrooms, to the state houses, to the courtrooms, to the city halls, from the captains desk to the President's desk. We must effect a surge of renewed Christian thought into all levels of public office and appointed office. It is the only sure way to secure the survival of our race, faith, and homeland.

This is what we believe in The Knights. This is what our goal is. This is what we are working toward. This is what we honestly believe we will achieve. We are secure in our strategy, in our program, in our plans for the future, and in our triumphant victory for America.

But, to tell you the truth, some groups might not share our same goals. Some groups might not understand the problems. Some groups might think our strategy is wrong. Some groups might think its actually hopeless. Some groups might think the goal is worthy, but don't necessarily share the vision and see the steps needed to reach that goal.

The best way to have unity in the racialist movement is for each group to work out their program, make their plans, develop their goals, and then work hard.

Of course, we believe we have the best program, plans, strategy, etc. Our organization has been consistent over 43 years, is the largest and most wide spread. We've won some historic law cases, and have made great inroads into the political arena that will enable our plans to be carried out. This is why we believe you should support The knights over any other group. This is why we believe you should place your total support behind The Knights. We believe we have the workable plan it will take to win political power for our people - the power to fix all the problems at the same time - sweeping change across the land.

We work to win the support of the masses - even if it's silent support - we believe it will one day be what we call "ballot booth support". They don't have to be actual members to vote on election day. However, those who make an intelligent and conscious decision to join and volunteer for The Knights will add to our momentum. Nothing great is ever achieved without continuous momentum. Through the effort of Knights around the nation - as we grow to the needed size, both in membership and fiscally, we will be ready to run our candidates for all public offices across the country. For those who doubt the possibility, we remind you that our former national director David Duke received over 700,000 votes for governor just a few years ago. Everyone knew his former affiliation with The Knights and he still held true to his beliefs. They voted for him in the privacy of the voting booth - yet silent non-members they remained.

We firmly believe we can win back America through the ballot box. We are working to set the stage. Those who share our vision and think we have a good program and plans are invited to work with us. If you don't believe these things of The Knights then perhaps you will join another group. They will do what they think is right and we will do what we think is right. (The only complaint we do have is with those groups who take our material and pass it off as their own - they should create their own program and write their own material not infringe on our work) That is unity -each group left alone to develop and promote their particular style of program. One of them will succeed in uniting all of white Christian America. We believe it will be The Knights. We may point out differences, but we won't name and slander other groups in the process.

Q. Is the national director really a preacher? 

Our national director is Pastor Thomas Robb. He attended seminary in Evergreen, Colorado at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Institute on scholarship where he received a Bachelor of Theology degree and was ordained a Baptist minister. He received his doctorate through private study.

He pastors a church in Harrison, AR and publishes a non-denominational Christian newsletter aside from his duties as national director of The Knights.



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